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Accurate Reels
The Accurate Fishing Products Story

In a little over five years, a family of high-tech design engineers has successfully introduced a series of revolutionary fishing reels.

In 1997, Accurate Fishing Products introduced its first, revolutionary, dual-drag system fishing reels. Now a little over two years later, Accurate has expanded its high-tech reel series to include seven blue-water models and eight light-tackle models, all of which have been readily accepted by serious saltwater sport fishermen.

So popular have these new reels become that the company has increased both production staff and scheduling to keep pace with orders which now include local, regional, national and international markets. As one example of Accurate's fishing tackle industry impact, one reel model -- the Accurate Boss B2-870 proved such a hot seller this spring, during its debut at the largest consumer fishing tackle show in the country, that anglers stood four-deep across the exhibit counter as 250 of these reels sold-out in less than four hours after the show's opening!

To meet increased production demands and better serve their customers, Accurate Fishing Products completed a move to Corona, CA in 2002. Accurate purchased its new facility -- a 30,000 square-foot tilt-up building -- and completed its move in late June after relocating from its former 12,000 square-foot building in downtown Los Angeles. Also included in the move was Accurate's parent company, Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation, a maker of aerospace components.

Accurate Boss Extreme (BX) TwinDrag Reels
Accurate Boss Extreme(BX2) TwinDrag 2-Speed Reels
Accurate Boss Fury 2-Speed Reels
Accurate DPX2 'Dawg Pound' 2-Speed Reels
Accurate Platinum(ATD) TwinDrag Trolling Reels
Accurate TwinSpin(SR) Reels
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