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Avet MC Cast Control Reels
The Ultimate fishing reel now has the ultimate casting system. The new Magic Cast MC Cast system eliminates the "birds nest" and casts farther even in the worst conditions. The MC Cast is available in the SX, MX and JX models. Avet's SX, MX & JX series are perfect for anglers in search of large game fish species with a light weight tackle approach. Revolutionary, extremely stable AveDrag drag washer with smooth control in all conditions.

Avet MC Cast Control Reels
Model No.BearingsMonoGear RatioWeight (Oz.)Price
SX 5.3 MC820/2205.3:115$239.99
MXJ 5.8 MC820/3005.8:115$249.99
JX 4.6 MC825/3804.6:123$289.99
JX 6.0 MC825/3806.0:123$289.99
Avet MC Cast Control 2-Speed Reels
SX 6/4 MC820/2206.3:1 & 3.8:115$309.99
MXJ 6/4 MC820/3006.3:1 & 3.8:115$339.99
MXL 6/4 MC820/3606.3:1 & 3.8:118.2$349.99
JX 6/3 MC830/2806.0:1 & 2.8:123$409.99