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Seeker Black Steel Rods G 6455XXH-5 1/2' AR

Seeker Black Steel Rods G 6455XXH-5 1/2' AR
Item# G6455XXH-55AR

Product Description

 Model  Length  Line Weight 
  G 6455XXH-5 1/2'     5'6"   60 (80) 100 lbs.  

When you are fishing with a Black Steel Rod in your hands you are telling your fellow anglers you are fishing with The Best of the Best. Seeker's Black Steel Rods were designed by Randy Penny to produce maximum lifting power with a faster recoil. These Rods have caught 300 Lb. Yellowfin Tuna, 1,200 Lb. Marlin, 600 Lb. Bluefin Tuna, 300 Lb. Halibut and world record Albacore and Sturgeon. Shouldn't your next rod be a Seeker Black Steel.

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