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Daiwa Lexa Baitcasting Reels
The LEXA family expands with the addition of new right and left handed 300 size Power models boasting a powerful 5.1 to 1 gear ratio. Seven new LEXA400 sized models, the largest baitcasters in Daiwa’s arsenal, boast an incredible 25 pound drag max, plus a full range of gear ratios, from an ultra powerful 5.1 to 1 up through a Hyper Speed 7.1 to 1.

Daiwa Lexa Baitcasting Reels
Model No.BearingsBraidGear RatioMax DragWeight (Oz.)Price
LEXA300HS-P740/2407.1 : 122 Lbs.11.3$199.95
LEXA300HSL-P740/2407.1 : 122 Lbs.11.3$199.95
LEXA300HS740/2407.1 : 122 Lbs.11.3$199.95
LEXA300H740/2406.3 : 122 Lbs.10.5$199.95
LEXA400H755/3006.3 : 125 Lbs.15.3$249.95
LEXA400HS-P755/3007.1 : 125 Lbs.16.1$249.95
LEXA400PWR-P755/3005.1 : 125 Lbs.16.1$249.95