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Phenix Dragonfly Trout Rods

Phenix Dragonfly Trout Rods
Item# DXX-801

Product Description

Phenix Dragonfly Trout Rods

In store pickup only! Due to breakage, we do not ship these rods!

 Model   Action  Length  Line Weight    Guides    Pieces 
  DFX-801     Fast    8'   1-7 lbs.     Essex SIC     1
  DMX-801     Moderate     8'   1-7 lbs.     Essex SIC     1


Whether its spoons or spinners, drift or float fishing, the new Black Chrome series by Phenix will give anglers the accuracy, sensitivity, and power they deserve when hunting big steelhead. Much like the rest of its family, it incorporates premium grade carbon fiber manufactured in a way that increases sensitivity and power at the same time. Coupled with attractive aesthetic features such as hand-crafted burl wood reel sets with premium cork/EVA handles, this two-piece will be the demise of your next Monster Salmon or Steelhead. This brand new series brings what our clients have grown to love about the Phenix brand: beauty, precision, performance, and dynamic capabilities. pick one up at your local Phenix Dealer today.