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Tackle House Feed Poppers 150mm

Tackle House Feed Poppers 150mm
Item# TH-CFP150-X
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Product Description

The Tackle House Contact Feed Popper 150 features an enchanting popping sound like no other topwater plug on the market today. Even with the slightest jerks of the rod, the cupped-mouth design produces a fish-calling popping and chugging sound that has an uncanny ability to draw fish in from a distance. The angler can also easily walk-the-dog on the surface for a fleeing panicked action that can draw strikes especially, when the bait is paused and at rest. The Feed Popper 150 floats on the surface at rest with a tail-down posture in order to increase hook-up percentages.

An innovative and critical feature of the Feed Popper is the weight chamber positioned in the cross section of the body that consists of a large weight sphere that rotates left-to-right like a pendulum around the center of the baits axis. This causes the Feed Popper to produce an irregular and erratic action not commonly found in conventional plugs.

For reliability and durability, the Feed Popper comes equipped with Owner ST-66 4X strong corrosion-resistant treble hooks and a 3D laser cut stainless steel through-wire construction. The Contact Feed Popper can be used to target a variety of saltwater gamefish including yellowfin and bluefin tuna, bonito, yellowtail, dorado and more.