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Rapala Original Floater

The first and still the number one "go-to" lure. Lauri Rapala had no idea the impact his creation would have on the fishing world. Its wounded minnow action is irresistible to fish. The lure that is in everyone's tackle box now in Bleeding patterns.

Rapala Original Floater
Model No.Size (in.)ColorPrice
F07S2 3/4Silver$6.29
F07RT2 3/4Rainbow Trout$6.29
F07SH2 3/4Shiner$6.29
F09V3 1/2Vampire$6.69
F09S3 1/2Silver$6.69
F13S5 1/4Silver$6.99
F13G5 1/4Gold$6.99
F13RT5 1/4Rainbow Trout$6.99
Rapala Jointed Floater
J09RT3 1/2Rainbow Trout$7.29
J09G3 1/2Gold$7.29
J13S5 1/4Silver$9.49