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Saltwater Sportfishing Supplies
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Everyone says dogs tend to look like their MASTERS. Well, you may have also noticed fishing rods tend to look like the fish they're built to pursue. Trout rods are long and sleek. Bass rods, short and powerful. And saltwater rods are, well, to see this analogy through you'll have to turn the pages. From looking at everyone else's rods, it would seem that they think fish in the ocean are big, slow, mule-headed oafs. But we know better. Our SALTWATER rods represent what the fish in the ocean are truly like. Sure, our rods are big, but they're sleek too. Powerful. Fast. Like a tuna. Our saltwater rods. designed with the help of seasoned pros on both coasts, are lighter, tougher and more sensitive than anything else you'll cast into the salt. If you want to catch big, dull fish, stick with one of those other rods. If you want to catch big, fast, POWERFUL fish, try one of ours.
G Loomis Pro-Blue Rods
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