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G Loomis Greenwater Rods

Popping to casting, finesse to brute strength, if you fish the "SKINNY" water then you're the perfect candidate for our Greenwater rods. This saltwater series has flats anglers everywhere buzzing. The brilliant aqua color (actually, it's called "seafoam green") is the first thing you'll notice, but on closer inspection, you'll discover a whole new STANDARD for light-duty saltwater rods. We spent a lot of time talking to flats guides and worked closely with our dealers and field staff in the development of this series of shallow water rods (in some cases, not-so-shallow for a few critters), but the bottom line is a sharp looking rod, along with the PERFORMANCE you expect from G.Loomis. You ain't in Kansas any more Toto.
G Loomis Greenwater Rods
Model No.LengthPiecesColorLine RatingActionPrice
GWPR842S7'1-SpinningSeafoam Green6-12Med Fast$240
GWPR843C7'1Seafoam Green8-14Med Fast$245
GWPR843S7'1-SpinningSeafoam Green8-14Med Fast$235
GWR782S6' 61-SpinningSeafoam Green8-14Fast$225
GWMR783C6' 61Seafoam Green10-17Fast$235
GWMR783S6' 61-SpinningSeafoam Green10-17Fast$230
GWMR843C7'1Seafoam Green10-17Fast$245
GWR9000S7' 61-SpinningSeafoam Green6-12Ex-Fast$245
GWR901C7' 61Seafoam Green10-20Ex-Fast$265
GWR901S7' 61-SpinningSeafoam Green10-20Ex-Fast$255
GWR981S8' 21-SpinningSeafoam Green10-20Ex-Fast$270
GWR901S GLX7' 61-SpinningSeafoam Green10-20Ex-Fast$430
GWMR843S GLX7'1-SpinningSeafoam Green10-17Fast$425
GWR941S-GLX7' 10SpinningSeafoam Green10-17Ex-Fast$435
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