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G.Loomis NRX Rods
NRX is the culmination of what they have been doing at G.Loomis since day one. G.Loomis have been continually striving to build the best rod on the planet. Laminates, resin, mandrels, components and the know how you expect from them. These NRX rods look like nothing they have built before. They feel better than anything G.Loomis have built before. They aren't talking about a little better here or a little lighter there...

What they are saying so there is no confusion... " This is the Best Bass Rod Ever Built!" Period!!

G Loomis NRX Rods
Model No.LengthPiecesColorLine RatingActionPrice
NRX 802C JWR6' 81Green or Blue10-14Ex-Fast$500.00
NRX 803C JWR6' 81Green or Blue12-16Ex-Fast$500.00
NRX 804C JWR6' 81Green or Blue14-20Fast$500.00
NRX 852C JWR7' 11Green or Blue10-14Ex-Fast$525.00
NRX 853C JWR7' 11Green or Blue12-16Ex-Fast$525.00
NRX 854C JWR7' 11Green or Blue14-20Fast$550.00
NRX 893C JWR7' 51Green or Blue12-16Ex-Fast$550.00
NRX 895C JWR G7' 51Green or Blue17-25Fast$600.00