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Welcome to the top of the food chain. At least in fish terms. There are no hairs split here, no modifiers, no "big fish on insanely light line". We're talking about the kind of fish that are INSANE their own right. Tuna, sharks, marlin and sailfish. This is the world of outriggers, teasers, rocket launchers and FIGHTING chairs. The heavy artillery so to speak. Our Pelagic Saltwater rods are built for the anglers who choose to live in this world of MASSIVE fish, and it's not for wimpy rods or the faint of heart.
G Loomis Pelagic Rods
Model No.LengthPiecesColorLine RatingActionPrice
PSR84-20CSU7'1Gloss Black15-25Fast$320.00
PSR78-16SSU6.5'1-SpinningGloss Black12-20Fast$300.00