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Kicker Jigs
Kicker Jigs are back and better than ever. These jigs are deadly on yellowtail, bass, barracuda, and tuna. They are available in 2 sizes. Each size is manufactured in 2 different weights, which makes Kicker Jigs available in 4 unique models.

Kicker Jigs
Model No.LengthColorWeightPrice
25 HEAVY D6.5 InchesDorado6.5 Oz.$10.99
25 HEAVY MW6.5 InchesMint/White6.5 Oz.$10.99
25 HEAVY EGG6.5 InchesEgg6.5 Oz.$10.99
25 HEAVY RED EGG6.5 InchesRed Egg6.5 Oz.$10.99
25 HEAVY BIRD POOP6.5 InchesBird Poop6.5 Oz.$10.99
25 HEAVY RC6.5 InchesRed Crab6.5 Oz.$10.99
25 LIGHT E-MINT6.5 InchesMint2.5 Oz.$10.99
25 LIGHT BW6.5 InchesBlue/White2.5 Oz.$10.99
25 LIGHT EGG6.5 InchesEgg2.5 Oz.$10.99
25 LIGHT DRD6.5 InchesDorado2.5 Oz.$10.99
25 LIGHT SF6.5 InchesSenorita Fish2.5 Oz.$10.99
15 HEAVY BD5.25 InchesBlue Dream4 Oz.$8.99
15 HEAVY BM5.25 InchesBleeding Mac4 Oz.$8.99
15 HEAVY MW5.25 InchesMint/White4 Oz.$8.99