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Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks

The Aki hook with a heavy duty forged shank and Cutting Point®, performs as both a saltwater bait hook and a fly hook to tie streamer patterns for blue water game fish. Features a straight eye (for more efficient in-line hook sets) and black chrome finish.

Owner Aki Hooks
Model No.DescriptionSizeQuantityPrice
5170-111Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks1/06$5.99
5170-121Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks2/06$5.99
5170-131Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks3/05$5.99
5170-141Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks4/05$5.99
5170-151Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks5/04$5.99
5170-161Owner AKI Saltwater Hooks6/04$5.99
5169-161Owner AKI Twist Hooks6/05$5.99
5169-171Owner AKI Twist Hooks7/04$5.99
5169-181Owner AKI Twist Hooks8/03$5.99