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Owner SSW Hooks

Great value for the price. Compare prices with other quality hooks. Ideal for baiting up nightcrawlers and minnows for walleye and panfish, and for rigging crabs, shrimp and blood worms for surf and bay fishing. Features include black chrome finish, up-eye forged shank and reversed-bend super needle point.

Owner SSW Hooks
Model No.DescriptionSizeQuantityPrice
5315-031Owner SSW Hooks#858$14.95
5315-051Owner SSW Hooks#658$14.95
5315-071Owner SSW Hooks#452$14.95
5315-091Owner SSW Hooks#246$14.95
5315-111Owner SSW Hooks1/040$14.95
5315-121Owner SSW Hooks2/034$14.95
Owner SSW with Cutting Point Hooks
5311-093Owner SSW w/Cutting Point Hooks Red#254$19.99
5311-103Owner SSW w/Cutting Point Hooks Red#151$19.99
5311-101Owner SSW w/Cutting Point Hooks#151$19.99
5311-111Owner SSW w/Cutting Point Hooks1/046$19.99
5311-113Owner SSW w/Cutting Point Hooks Red1/046$19.99