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G Loomis Pro Blue PBR963S

G Loomis Pro Blue PBR963S
Item# PBR963S

Product Description

If you're competitive like we are and making your day includes out-casting your partner, bringing your fish to the boat while he's stll pinned to the rail, and staying totally fresh while his shoulders ache, this is your rod. Designed for jigs, live-bait and soft plastivs, this rod will handle big reds, cobia, small tuna, even small sailfish, and it's a great choice for silver and king salmon up north. When you're the only one in your group with the extra casting range to rach those fish on the outside edge of the school, don't be surprised whe your fishing buddy shows up at the dock next trip with one of his own.

  Type     Length     Line Weight    Action     Power     Pieces 
  Spinning     8'     12-25 lb     Fast     N/A     1  

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