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 Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
Not many reels are good enough to carry the Penn name. But the new Conquer spinning reel from Penn is built with all the quality and workmanship the brand has delivered for over 75 years. Designed for inshore and nearshore species, this reel is built for any saltwater angling. The Conquer introduces proprietary design elements that ensure the angler with the best operating spinning reel in the price range. Exclusive to the Conquer reel is the EAS (Easy Access System). A single screw secures a rear hatch that when open provides full access to the gearbox for lubricating gears and bearings without worry of any parts falling out. Also found only on this reel is the spool lip design with Eternal Alloy construction, incorporating strength and hardness twice that of titanium alloy. The spool lip is protected from dents, nicks and scratches which are a major cause of decreased casting distances and line damage.

Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
Model No.BearingsLine Cap.Gear RatioMax DragWeight (Oz.)Price
CQR200011BRAID: 15/1805.1:112 lbs9.9$199.99
CQR400011BRAID: 15/2805.8:112 lbs11.1$199.99
CQR500011BRAID: 30/2004.8:122 lbs14.6$219.99
CQR700011BRAID: 50/2504.8:132 lbs18.1$219.99
CQR800011BRAID: 65/3504.7:132 lbs23.4$219.99
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