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Penn Fathom Star Drag Reels
Penn Fathom Star Drag Reels

The Penn Fathom Star Drag, with the revolutionary Live Spindle design, is the most castable reel in the market place. The improved configuration allows the spool to spin independently of the spindle and pinion gear, which significantly reduces friction experienced from the extreme acceleration of the spool when casting. Other reels using a ''fixed spindle'' design slow the rotation of the spool and reduce casting distance. Additionally the Live Spindle improves the retrieve of the reel because the spindle and pinion do not need to turn relative to each other during heavy loads, unlike a ''fixed spindle'' reels that result in a difficult retrieve and erratic drag.

Penn Fathom Star Drag Reels
Model No.BearingsLine Cap.Gear RatioMax DragWeight (Oz.)Price
FTH125+1BRAID: 20/4206.0:125 lbs15.5$199.95
FTH155+1BRAID: 30/3806.0:125 lbs15.6$199.95
FTH25N5+1BRAID: 50/4506.0:125 lbs17.9$219.95
FTH305+1BRAID: 65/5006.0:125 lbs18.4$219.95
FTH405+1BRAID: 80/5256.0:125 lbs18.7$219.95