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Phenix Axis Rods
The Phenix Axis rods come in dark blue blank color with high-tech helix composite blend of S-Glass, T-16 Carbon-Fiber, and Graphite. The S-Glass is what distinguishes these rod from the proven Black Diamond series. Available lengths vary from 6'8 up to 8'2 and are all one-piece design. The Lighter models will feature Alconite guides, high-density EVA grips, and Fuji reel seats. The heavyweights will have Silicon Nitride guides, Hypalon grips, and aluminum reel seats.

Phenix Axis Rods
Model No.LengthReel SeatLine RatingActionPrice
HAX-680X3H6' 8PAC BAY/HYPALON60-130Mod-Fast$379
HAX-720H7' 2FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON25-60Mod-Fast$229
HAX-720XH7' 2FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON30-80Fast$249
HAX-720X2H7' 2PAC BAY/HYPALON40-100Fast$299
HAX-720X3H7' 2PAC BAY/HYPALON60-130Fast$389
HAX-720X4H7' 2PAC BAY/HYPALON80-200Fast$419
HAX-780MH7' 8FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON20-40Mod-Fast$229
HAX-780H7' 8FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON25-60Mod-Fast$239
HAX-780XH7' 8FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON30-80Fast$259
HAX-780X2H7' 8PAC BAY/HYPALON40-100Fast$319
HAX-820ML8' 2FUJI DPSSD/EVA12-30Mod-Fast$199
HAX-820MH8' 2FUJI DPSSD/EVA20-45Mod-Fast$229
HAX-820H8' 2FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON25-60Fast$249
HAX-820XH8' 2FUJI DPSSD/HYPALON30-80Fast$269