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G Loomis Pro Green Saltwater Spinning Rods
The Pro Green Series is a special set of inshore saltwater rods created for anglers preferring to fish small jigs, soft plastics and any number of artificial baits, including topwaters for myriad saltwater species. A great choice for school-sized blues and stripers along the Atlantic Coast as well as redfish, seatrout, permit, bonefish, snook and small tarpon in Florida and all along the Gulf coast, these rods offer a surprising blend of power, light weight and sensitivity. There are three different power-ratings and three different rod lengths offered in each power to cover the variety of water depths and conditions each region offers. They aren't meant to replace the softer, more delicate action of the popping rod, but to give the angler an option for aggressively fishing artificials. The faster actions of the Pro Green Series give wading and boat anglers, alike, more positive line and lure control. Designed to create quick, accurate "snap casts" to visible targets or long prospecting casts where covering water is more important, these rods have powerful butt sections to move big fish with ease and are still light enough to fish them all day long with minimal fatigue.

G Loomis Pro-Green Rods
Model No.LengthPiecesLine RatingLure WeightActionPrice
PGR822S6' 1016-12 lb1/8-3/8 ozFast$250
PGR823S6' 1018-12 lb3/16-5/8 ozFast$260
PGR824S6' 10110-17 lb1/4-1 ozFast$270
PGR882S7' 416-12 lb1/8-3/8 ozFast$255
PGR883S7' 418-15 lb3/16-5/8 ozFast$265
PGR884S7' 4110-17 lb1/4-1 ozFast$280
PGR942S7' 1016-12 lb1/8-3/8 ozFast$260
PGR943S7' 1018-15 lb3/16-5/8 ozFast$270
PGR944S7' 10110-17 lb1/4-1 ozFast$280