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Savage Gear Squish Jigs
Vertical jigging for pelagic and bottom dwelling gamefish has been around for a while now and anglers are aware of how effective these baits can be. The only downfall to knife and butterfly jigs is how quickly they can move through the strike zone before a fish can react. The Savage Gear Squish is a center balanced jig that moves erratically sideways through the water column to keep the bait in a fish’s strike zone longer. Just freespool the Squish to the desired depth and then put the reel in gear and use a jerk and fall retrieve.

Savage Gear Squish Jigs
Model No.ColorSizePrice
SJ-100G-GMGreen Mackerel100g$10.99
SJ-130G-GMGreen Mackerel130g$11.99
SJ-160G-GMGreen Mackerel160g$12.99
SJ-80G-SFBlue Sardine80g$9.99
SJ-130G-SFBlue Sardine130g$11.99
SJ-160G-SFBlue Sardine160g$12.99
SJ-100G-DSLSilver Lumo100g$10.99
SJ-130G-DSLSilver Lumo130g$11.99