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Super Seeker Hercules Rods
The Hercules Series Rods are built for light weight and strength required for deep water jigging. These rods feature the latest American Tackle Virtus Ring Lock, which secured the nanolite rings to the titanium frame guides. These guides are 60% lighter than stainless steel and are virtually corrosion proof.

Super Seeker Hercules Rods
Model No.TypeLengthPowerLine RatingBlankPrice
SHS-70MConventional7'Medium30-60 lbsCSW-748H$330
SHS-70HConventional7'Heavy40-80 lbsGTS-70H$349
SHS-70XHConventional7'Ex-Heavy50-100 lbsGTS-70XH$379
SHS-60XHConventional6'Xtra-Heavy50-100 lbsGTS-60XH$319
SHS80-8Conventional8'Medium15-30 lbsGTS-80$379
SHS80H-8Conventional8'Heavy30-60 lbsGTS-80H$389
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