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Shimano Clarus Rods
In the last few years the Shimano Clarus rod series has carved out a name for itself in the fishing community thanks to its solid performance on the water. This Series of Rods within the Clarus series focuses on Bass. These newly designed rods are technique specific so if you are looking for a worm rod, jig rod, spinnerbait rod or any other application Clarus has you covered.

Shimano Clarus Salmon Steelhead Casting Rods
Model No.LengthPiecesActionLine RatingPrice
CSC80MHB8'1Fast10-20 Lbs.$99.99
CSC80HB8'1Fast15-30 Lbs.$99.99
CSC82MHB8'21Fast12-25 Lbs.$99.99
Shimano Clarus Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rods
CSS86M2B8'62Fast8-12 Lbs.$99.99
CSS86MH2B8'62Fast8-17 Lbs.$99.99
CSS90ML2B9'2Moderate6-10 Lbs.$109.99
CSS90MH2B9'2Fast8-12 Lbs.$109.99
CSS100M2B10'2Fast6-10 Lbs.$129.99
Shimano Clarus Spining Rods
CSS50ULC5'1Med-Fast1-4 Lbs.$89.99
CSS56ULC5'61Med. Fast2-6 Lbs.$89.99
CSS60ULC6'01Med-Fast2-6 Lbs.$89.99
CSS66UL2C6' 62Med-Fast2-6 Lbs.$89.99
CSS70UL2C7'02Med-Fast2-8 Lbs.$99.99
CSS76UL2C7'62Med. Fast2-8 Lbs.$99.99
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