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Shimano Lucanus Jigs

Shimano Lucanus Jig
Model No.StyleWeightPrice
JLC060KGBlack/Gold60 grams (2 Oz.)$14.99
JLC060PRPurple/Red60 grams (2 Oz.)$14.99
JLC150PWPink/White150 grams (5.25 Oz.)$17.99
JLC150NWOrange/White150 grams (5.25 Oz.)$17.99
JLC150CSChartreus/Shrimp150 grams (5.25 Oz.)$17.99
JLC150BSBlue/Silver150 grams (5.25 Oz.)$17.99
JLC200CWChart/White200 grams (7 Oz.)$17.99
Shimano Lucanus Replacement Skirts
Model No.ColorQty/PackPrice