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Shimano NASCI Spinning Reels

NASCI is an exciting, new powerful spinning reel with unparalleled gear durability at its price point. Incorporating upgraded drag, X-Ship and HGN Gearing, and available in sizes from 1000 through 5000, it's a great choice for everything from light freshwater to medium saltwater applications.

Shimano Nasci Spinning Reels
Model No.BearingsMonoGear RatioWeight (Oz.)Max DragPrice
NAS1000FB56/1105.0:17.67 (lb)$99.99
NAS2500FB58/1405.0:18.820 (lb)$99.99
NASC3000HGFB510/1406.2:18.820 (lb)$99.99
NAS4000XGFB512/1606.2:110.424 (lb)$109.99
NASC5000XGFB512/1606.2:110.424 (lb)$109.99