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Rapala Skitter Pop Saltwater Lures Green Mackerel

Rapala Skitter Pop Saltwater Lures Green Mackerel
Item# SSP-12

Product Description

With its unique loud-popping, cupped plastic lip and balsa wood body, the Skitter Pop can be used in a variety of techniques to take fish when they are surface feeding. The SSP12 saltwater model incorporates a rattle that is irresistible to hunting and neutral fish alike.

The Rapala Skitter Pop is a balsa wood lure featuring a unique cupped plastic lip. The Skitter Pop can be fished using a variety of techniques, making it a versatile topwater bait. When fish are aggressive or busting bait, use the “skitter” technique. This is a steady retrieve while pumping the rod tip, creating a walk the dog spitting commotion imitating a fleeing baitfish. Another technique is popping the lure. This is done by giving the lure a sharp jerk and letting the lure rest while reeling in the slack. The lure will spit water quite a distance using this approach. A third technique is twitching, which was made famous by the Original Floating Rapala. Fish the Skitter Pop in the same fashion, casting it out, letting the water calm and then twitching the lure on the surface. This will imitate a wounded baitfish or frog struggling on the surface.