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Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reels
"Absolute power" is the aim of New Stella SW. Shimano is using their latest and most innovative technologies to complete the "SW-X Concept" which takes this new generation Stella SW to an all new level for Anglers.

A true spinning reel built to tackle Bluefin tuna. Shimano’s SW-X Concept brings together power, rigidity, toughness, drag performance and water resistance, focusing on retrieving power, strength and durability.

Shimano Stella Reels
Model No.BearingsPower ProGear RatioWeight (Oz.)Max Drag(Lb.)Price
STL5000SWBXG1530/ 2256.2:115.328$1059.99
STL5000SWBHG1530/ 2255.7:115.328$1059.99
STL5000SWBPG1530/ 2254.6:115.328$1059.99
STL6000SWBHG1530/ 2905.7:115.528$1059.99
STL6000SWBPG1530/ 2904.6:115.528$1059.99
STL8000SWBHG1550/ 2655.6:123.861$1159.99
STL8000SWBPG1550/ 2654.9:124.261$1159.99
STL10000SWBPG1565/ 2604.9:124.255$1159.99
STL14000SWBXG1565/ 2956.2:124.355$1159.99
STL18000SWBHG1580/ 3605.7:130.955$1259.99
STL20000SWBPG1580/ 4454.4:131.255$1259.99
STL30000SWB1580/ 7004.4:134.944.1$1419.99
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