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Sumo Jigs
Sumo iron jigs are made for fishermen by fishermen. Each model is designed to be used for yo-yo style fishing. The C2 model is great for shallow water rockfish; The JR AND 105 models are excellent for all species of game fish. The #6 AND 7X models are excellent for deep water jigging and also for giant yellowfin tuna.

Sumo Jigs
Model No.Length (In.)Weight (Oz.)ColorPrice
Sumo #1 Jigs
Sumo #1 BW3.51.75Blue White$7.99
Sumo #1 SE3.51.75Scrambled Egg$7.99
Sumo Jr. Jigs
Sumo Jr. WHT BGame4.54.5White Glow w/Red Bolt$11.99
Sumo Jr. WHT4.54.5White Glow w/Red Bolt$8.99
Sumo Jr. BCM4.54.5Blue Chrome Mackeral$8.99
Sumo Jr. GCM4.54.5Green Chrome Mackeral$8.99
Sumo Jr. BS4.54.5Blue Sardine$8.99
Sumo Jr. DRD4.54.5Dorado$8.99
Sumo Jr. SE4.54.5Scrambled Egg$8.99
Sumo Jr. CGM-SiWash4.54.5Green Chrome Mackeral w/Siwash Hook$9.99
Sumo Jr. BC-BGame4.54.5Blue Chrome w/Siwash Hook$11.99
Sumo #105 Jigs
Sumo #105 BC4.755Blue Chrome$9.49
Sumo #105 DRD4.755Dorado$9.49
Sumo #105 BW4.755Blue & White$9.49
Sumo #6 Jigs
Sumo #6 w/Big Game Hook67.5Blue Chrome$13.49
Sumo #6 DRD67.5Dorado$9.99
Sumo #6 CGM67.5Chrome Green Mackeral$9.99
Sumo #6 SE67.5Scrambled Egg$9.99
Sumo #6 BS67.5Blue Sardine$9.99
Sumo 7X Jigs
Sumo 7X w/Big Game Hook6.59BLUE CHROME$15.49
7X LTE Blue Chrome6.53.6Blue Chrome$10.99
Sumo 7X WHT6.59White$11.99
Sumo 7X BW6.59Blue & White$11.99