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G Loomis Swimbait Rods
Big baits mean big bass - two very good reasons why G Loomis developed their line of swimbait rods. There are guys out there that have devoted their lives to pursuing double-digit monsters. G Loomis teamed up with them, learned from their experiences, listened intently as they shared their secrets and digested what they expect for the ultimate in a swimbait rod. These "fiber-blend" rods are the result and they cover the gamut of baits styles and sizes. They are designed to fish soft and hard plastic swimbaits and in the case of largemouth bass, especially really big largemouth bass Ė other finny delicacies like trout, small bass and panfish. G Loomis make their rear grips extra long so you can tuck the rod butt under your arm rather than having it jab you in the ribs. The extra length also provides leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass youíll be catching. Donít forget the net!

G Loomis GL2 Swimbait Rods
Model No.LengthLure WeightPowerLine RatingActionPrice
GL2 956C SWB7' 113-8 OZHeavy25-45Mod-Fast$255.00
GL2 957C SWB7' 114-10 OZEx-Heavy25-60Mod-Fast$255.00
G Loomis Swimbait Rods
SWBR 9047' 61/2-3 OZMedium12-25Mod-Fast$300.00
SWBR 9537' 111/2-2 OZMed-Light10-20Mod-Fast$300.00
SWBR 9557' 112-6 OZMed-Heavy15-30Mod-Fast$310.00
SWBR 9567' 113-8 OZHeavy25-45Mod-Fast$315.00
SWBR 9577' 114-10 OZEx-Heavy25-60Mod-Fast$325.00
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