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Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning Rods

Shimano Tallus Spinning Rods
Model No.LengthPowerActionLine RatingPrice
TLS69MBBL6'9MediumFast20-50 Lbs.$159.99
TLS69MHBBL6'9Medium HeavyFast40-80 Lbs.$159.99
TLS69HBBL6'9HeavyFast50-100 Lbs.$159.99
TLS69XHBBL6'9Extra HeavyFast65-200 Lbs.$159.99
TLS72MBBL7'2MediumFast20-50 Lbs.$159.99
TLS72MHBBL7'2Medium HeavyFast40-80 Lbs.$159.99
TLS72XHBBL7'2Extra HeavyFast65-200 Lbs.$169.99
TLS80MHBBL8'Medium HeavyFast30-65 Lbs.$179.99
TLS80HBBL8'HeavyFast40-80 Lbs.$179.99