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Warbaits Slayer Swim Jig 1/2 Oz. "Dark Dayz"

Warbaits Slayer Swim Jig 1/2 Oz. "Dark Dayz"
Item# DDAYZ12-4

Product Description

The all new WARBAITS SLAYER SWIM JIG is equipt with a Mustad UltraPoint three-stage Opti-Angle sharpened saltwater grade hook combined with a spike bait keeper that grips the trailer securely. The streamline head design and line tie placement allow the jig to swim through the heavy "junk" or crawl over rock bottoms with less resistance. The heavy wire hook and flexible weed guard are ideal for hook sets at greater depths and for pulling big fish out of nasty, heavy cover. All of these features combined with a “Match the Hatch” 66 strand silicone skirt create a presentation that fish need to eat.


  • Streamline head design for fishing heavy cover
  • Gill vents for more natural skirt movement
  • Mustad UltraPoint™ heavy wire hook with spike
  • StonePro™ powder coat paint
  • "Match the Hatch" colorways
  • 66 strand silicone skirting
  • PerFlex™ weed guard
  • 3D bubble eyes