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WarBaits Ling Slayer Swimjigs Ling Punk 2 Oz 7/0

WarBaits Ling Slayer Swimjigs Ling Punk 2 Oz 7/0
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Product Description

Inshore Ling Cod & Rock Cod fishing is exciting and challenging. Meter a cluster of stones and drop a Ling Slayer down on those rocks. Crawl your jig over the top of the structure popping it every so often. When you get that strike, turn that fishes head away from the rocks or it will be trouble. Retrieve your catch steady to the boat and keep constant pressure. Use your heavy inshore rod with straight 65lb braid or with a top shot of 30-40lb fluorocarbon. Match these jigs with your favorite trailer and UNI BUTTER fish scent.