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Zuker Marlin Lures
Zuker's trolling lures are custom designed and made with the finest materials available. Each Zuker head is molded in crystal clear resin and features large movable eyes for added attraction. Within the head is a strong brass tubing center, and either a lead insert that is covered with prism paper, or in the larger sizes an air-brushed mirror insert.

Zuker Marlin Lures
Model No.LengthWeightColorPrice
ZM3.5-R0311 In.4.1 Oz.Bleeding Mackerel$28.99
ZM3.5-BR11 In.4.1 Oz.Black/Red$28.99
ZM3.5-R0211 In.4.1 Oz.Mackerel$28.99
ZM3.5-R1311 In.4.1 Oz.Mean Joe Green$28.99
ZM3.5-R1811 In.4.1 Oz.Petrolero$28.99
ZM3.5-R1611 In.4.1 Oz.Orange Dorado$28.99
ZM3.5-R0711 In.4.1 Oz.Black Skip Jack$28.99
ZM2-R1311 - 1/2in.4.5 Oz.Mean Joe Green$28.99
ZM2-R1811 - 1/2in.4.5 Oz.Petrolero$28.99
ZM3-R1811 - 1/2in.4 Oz.Petrolero$28.99
ZM3-R1311 - 1/2in.4 Oz.Mean Joe Green$28.99
ZM5.5-R1812.5 in.7.5 Oz.Petrolero$39.99
ZM6-R1311 in.7 Oz.Mean Joe Green$39.99