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Arc Dehooker Hook Removable Tools

The ARC DEHOOKER instantly and safely removes internally and externally hooked fish, sea turtles, other aquatic animals and sea birds without harming them. The ARC DEHOOKER is the only tool you'll need, with its patented pigtail design that prevents jabs, scrapes and cuts. It even saves your valuable terminal tackle.

Arc Dehooker
Model No.DescriptionDimensionMaterialPrice
PD029 Inch Pan Fish Dehooker9 Inch x 1/8 Inch Dia. 304 S. Steel$14.99
SD05Sportsman 16 in./ Deep-hooked Dehooker16 Inch x 3/16 Inch Dia. 304 S. Steel$18.99
GM2424 In. Handheld Model Dehooker24 Inch x 1/4 Inch Dia. 304 S. Steel$48.99
BG0934 In. (Handheld) Big Game Dehooker34 Inch x 5/16 Inch Dia. 304 S. Steel$69.99
6P106' Pole Big Game Dehooker6' x 1 Inch Dia. 304 S. Steel$141.99