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Penn Battle III Spinning Reels

Penn Battle III Spinning Reels

Product Description

Penn Battle III DX Spinning Reel The BattleŽ III DX (Dealer Exclusive) series is everything you love in the BattleŽ III reels, with key improvements to make them even more powerful. We have bolstered our CNC GearTM Technology with brass main gears in every size and improved our HT-100TM Drag System by incorporating an additional bearing under the spool along with our wave spring design for a linear drag curve. Also featured on the BattleŽ III DX reels are oversized EVA Handle knobs to help you transfer more power through the gears, to the fish.

HT-100TM CARBON FIBER DRAG SYSTEM HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads. All HT-100 washers are greased with our proprietary PENNŽ grease for longevity. 'HT' stands for High Tech, with the '100' indicating that 100 miles of line can be pulled off of the reel with no wear on the drag washers. The Wave Spring Design added to the BattleŽ DX allows for more usable smoother drag range!

EVA HANDLE KNOB DESIGN This handle knob style is available only on DX models of the BattleŽ III and allows for better leverage when you go to battle with tough fish.