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Fishlab Bio-Flyer Winged Bait Harness

Fishlab Bio-Flyer Winged Bait Harness
Item# WS-L-BC

Product Description

The Bio-Flyer winged bait harness will be a game-changer in big game fishing. No longer is there a need to hunt down live flying fish late at night or buy frozen flying fish for up to $50 each. The Bio-Flyer solves this problem.

The Bio-Flyer is designed to be attached to any big bait. You can use any dead or live mackerel and turn them into true-looking flying fish. The Bio-Flyer will be available in one size perfect for 10-inch to 12-inch baits. The through-body harness pin will keep the mylar wings out wide giving the entire bait a lifelike look and feel. The Bio-Flyer is designed as a highly attractive to fish, single-use bait harness.

Whether you are out chasing Giant Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna or Sailfish from the kite, the FishLab Bio-Flyer is for you.