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The Chum Buddy Chum Bucket

The Chum Buddy Chum Bucket
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Product Description

The Chum Buddy... If you're fishing you better be chumming! Enhance your fishing experience while getting efficient use out of your chumming bait! The Chum Buddy will produce an effective chumming slick that is sure to lure in a diverse species of fish. The Chum Buddy allows for the perfect amount of chumming slick to be released within the water's current, creating the best technique for your fishing experience.

Chumming is a very successful method of attracting fish from the deepest parts of water helping to increase your fishing skills. Numerous fishermen use more than one Chum Buddy to boost the scope of their chumming slick, magnetizing nearby fish.

Clean-up is easy with The Chum Buddy... retrieve it, drain it and store it in your bait tank until your next fishing spot or fishing adventure. The Chum Buddy's internal unique blade system can help reduce the risk of an injury by keeping everyone on board safe, including the captain, crew and your family.

The Chum Buddy allows for you to put fresh, frozen or live bait inside the self-contained tube. As you chop your bait, the Chum Buddy keeps the mess of blood and guts outside your boat. The Chum Buddy system creates an instant slick in the water that will attract a variety of fish to your boat. Overall, the Chum Buddy makes for a fun boating experience, a safe fishing environment, and efficient use out of all your chumming bait.