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Clear Choice Poppers

Clear Choice Poppers

Product Description

What clear lures do that all other painted lures don’t do……..

A clear lure still displaces water and causes commotion. What a clear lure doesn’t do is allow the fish to get a full visual profile of the lure, which in turn eliminates any doubt a feeding fish might have

The result is EXPLOSIVE and COMMITTED strikes , adding up your end of day hook up ratio and total fish count.

Built Saltwater Tough!

All Clear Choice lures are built to HD specs. Other lures can't stand up to large gamefish like the GHOST SERIES lures. Straight out of the box, these lures are strong enough to handle 100 plus pound gamefish.

The GHOST 150 out-fishes every other lure or popper in the crystal clear waters of Fiji. The GT's couldn't resist crushing the GHOST 150 on the surface! This clear popper caught most every fish this day, it was obvious how much they wanted it over everything else