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Gamakatsu Magic Eye Swivels

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Swivels
Item# 26040X

Product Description

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Swivels
Gamakatsuís new Magic Eye Swivels are a brand new design based on the success of the Magic Eye Trebles introduced last year. Similar in design to the treble, one eye of the Magic Eye Swivel has a special shape that is designed to open split rings. The tapered flat portion of the eye easily fits between the wires of the split ring and with one little twist, separates them and the swivel slides right on. The other eye has a standard shape so line can be tied to it. Itís ideal for putting on the front of a crank bait or spoon to prevent line twist. Virtually any application that has a split ring can utilize the Magic Eye Swivel. Thereís no need to dig around looking for split ring pliers anymore. In addition to the unique design of the eye, the Magic Eye Swivel has a corrosion resistant NS Black finish and comes in three different sizes, a size 4 with a 100lb. rating and a size 3 with a rating of 130lbs and size 2. This is yet another innovation that anglers have come to expect from Gamakatsu.