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The Local Angler by Brandon Hayward

The Local Angler by Brandon Hayward
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Three years in the making, Brandon Hayward's newest book, The Local Angler, comes in at nearly 300 pages and features 100-percent color throughout. The current cycle of local fishing is unlike any of cycles past; the book takes a heavy look at the coastal seabass fishery and everything about squid fishing, from making it to pinning it on the hooks. Seasons, styles, tackle and in-depth looks at new styles of fishing - like balloons and squid - are discussed at length.

For the private boater there are sections on anchoring, setting up on spots and how to find spots. Zones, tactics and how each region fishes differently makes up the crux of the sportboat section that covers everything from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Fishing with finbait and the art of the flyline makes up a heavy chunk of the sportboat section, which also covers everything from surface iron fishing to how squid fishing on sportboats is different than skiff fishing.