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Lucky Craft Flash Minnows 110SP

CIF Flashminnow 110 & 130 MR

The California In-shore Fishing (CIF) series was developed for use in limited areas in California where in-shore fishing is enjoyed. In the Bay Area, for example, in-shore fishing is more prominent, and species such as sand bass, spotted bay bass and calico bass can be caught. In addition to recreational in-shore fishing, the CIF series is designed as a formidable partner for those taking part in the Salt Water Bass Anglers (SWBA) tour. As for in-shore fishing in other areas of California, donít forget species such as barracuda, halibut and mackerel. When fishing for barracuda or halibut, the FlashMinnow 110SP in the Metallic Sardine color demonstrates the power of both the lures and color combinations from Lucky Craft.

Lucky Craft Flash Minnow Lures
Model No.Size (in.)ColorWeight (Oz.)Price
FM110-ELECT-GRUNION4.5Electric Grunion5/8$19.99
FM110-779SGPT4.5Super Glow Pink Tiger5/8$19.99
FM110-783SGMSKB4.5Super Glow MS MKB5/8$19.99
FM110-661SGOBGCG4.5SG Ghost Cherry Grunion5/8$19.99
FM110-773SGCG4.5SG Cherry Grunion5/8$19.99
FM110-782SGMPB4.5SG(Super Glow) MBP5/8$19.99
FM110-CIF-714MSD4.5Metallic Sardine5/8$18.99
FM110-CIF-765MSANY4.5MS Anchovy5/8$19.99
FM110-CIF-701PW4.5Pearl White5/8$19.99
FM110-634SXSM4.5Sexy Smelt5/8$18.99
FM110-CIF-766GGSM4.5Ghost Green Smelt5/8$18.99
FM110-CIF-711CRBY4.5Cherry Berry5/8$19.99
FM110-CIF-654SGCB4.5Super Glow Cherry Berry5/8$19.99
FM110-CIF-761ABCK4.5Aurora Baby Croaker5/8$18.99
FM130MR-CIF-714MSD5.25Metallic Sardine3/4$20.99