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Nomad Design Madmacs 160mm 6" Bluefin Trolling Lures

Nomad Design Madmacs 160mm 6" Bluefin Trolling Lures

Product Description

Size: 6 In.

The MADMACS is a sinking super high speed wahoo lure and tuna lure capable of being trolled at speeds of up to 20kn for the 6" models. The Madmacs can also be trolled as slow as 5kn and has an amazing vibrating action even at very low speeds due to the auto tune system. The Madmacs Features the Patented auto tune system which allows it to always troll straight, run perfectly and with an amazing action at a huge range of speeds.  The ability to troll at all speeds makes this a must have lure in every spread. If you are looking for the best wahoo lures and tuna lures, the madmacs is a must have.