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Mahi Tackle Reel Covers

Mahi Tackle Reel Covers
Item# Reel-Covers
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Product Description

Size "Small" fits:
    Accurate BX-400N
      Avet SX, MXJ
        Shimano Talica 8II

        Size "Medium" fits:
        Accurate BX2-400, BX2-500, BX2-500N
        Avet JX, LX

        Size "LNN" fits:
          Accurate BX2-400N, BX-600NN, BX2-600NN
          Daiwa Saltist STT30T
          Shimano Talica 10II

        Size "LN" fits:
          Accurate BX2-600N
          Shimano Talica 12II, 16II, Trinidad 40N

          Size "L" fits:
            Avet HX, HXW
            Accurate BX-600W, BX2-600, BX2-30
            Shimano Trinidad TN40N, TN40