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Megalodon Speed Jigging Rods

Megalodon Speed Jigging Rods
Item# MPX-X

Product Description

  Model    Type     Color     Length     Braid Line Ratingt    Action     Lure Rating     Pieces 
  MPX-C607     Casting    Black     6'     30-60lb     Mod-Fast     200g -300g     1  
  MPX-C608     Casting    Black     6'     40-80lb     Mod-Fast     250g -400g     1  
  MPX-C609     Casting     Black     6'     65-130lb     Mod-Fast     350g -500g     1  
  MPX-S609     Spinning    Black     6'     65-130lb     Mod-Fast     350g -500g     1  

The Megalodon in its design lays in dynamic engineering, quality of craftsmanship, and only the best in composite material. Crafted with T12 and T40 technology, it provides the unique strength and lifting power to handle the strongest of tuna’s, amberjack’s, GT’s, and other brutes of the abyss. The Megalodon popping and jigging series – face the challenges head-on, while taming the beast!