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Gamakatsu Nautilus Ringed Circle Hooks

Gamakatsu Nautilus Ringed Circle Hooks
Item# 4241XR

Product Description

Gamakatsu Nautilus Ringed Circle Hooks
Nautilus with Ring

Gamakatsu’s introduction of the “Nautilus” hook w/ring, is the newest addition to the “Nautilus” series of saltwater hooks. Based on an already proven “Nautilus” circle design, the ringed version will only add to it’s proven reputation. Developed specifically with the saltwater fishermen in mind, it will let their live baits swim more freely and have a more natural presentation. Based on circle hook technology as not to harm hooked fish, but designed with a smooth one piece solid ring, was a natural in the development of the “Nautilus” series of saltwater circle hooks by Gamakatsu.

Available in sizes 2/0-6/0 in the popular corrosion resistant NS Black finish.