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Okuma PCH Custom Rods

The PCH rods draw their inspiration from the Pacific Coast Highway that carries anglers to their many fishing destinations in California. The centerpiece of the PCH rod is the lightweight and extremely responsive 24-ton carbon rod blanks. These blanks offer anglers a fast taper that is so popular in West Coast fisheries. The cool look of these new sticks comes from the 3K woven carbon outer wraps on the blank, which also improves hoop strength. But the PCH doesn’t just look cool: it is also incredibly tough thanks to the UFR-II construction in the tip, which dramatically increases strength in the tip of the rod.

Okuma PCH Custom Rods
Model No.Length# GuidesLine RatingPiecesPrice
PCH-C-701XH7'9+TIP30-60 lb.1$224
PCH-C-761M7'69+TIP12-25 lb.1$224
PCH-C-761H7'69+TIP20-50 lb.1$224
PCH-C-761XH7'69+TIP30-60 lb.1$224
PCH-C-741XXH7'49+TIP60-100 lb.1$299
PCH-C-741XXXH7'49+TIP80-130 lb.1$299
PCH-C-741XXXXH7'49+TIP150-200 lb.1$309
PCH-TRB-6101H6'105+TIP80-150 lb.1$599
PCH-C-801MH8'010+TIP15-40 lb.1$234 in store pickup only
PCH-C-801H8'010+TIP20-50 lb.1$234 in store pickup only
PCH-C-801XH8'010+TIP30-60 lb.1$234 in store pickup only
Phenix PCH Popping Spinning Rods
PCHP-S-761MH7'66+TIP40-60 lb.1$224
PCHP-S-761H7'66+TIP50-80 lb.1$234
PCHP-S-761XH7'66+TIP60-100 lb.1$234