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Ocean Tackle International DepthFinder Line

OTI DepthFinder Line is a multi-colored 100% PE braided line similar to Spectra. Using an 8-braid weave, the line is ultra smooth and superior in strength.

Four bright high contrast colors of red, yellow, green and blue alternate every 25 feet to help you easily track the most optimal depth.

The convenient packaging of twelve ''snap-n-lock'' spools gives up to 1200yds of continuous line that can be cut down as desired. 100yds/spool. Top choice for deepwater jigging. Made in Japan.

Ocean Tackle International DepthFinder Line
Model No.DescriptionTestTotal LengthPrice/100yds Spool
OTI-2101-60DepthFinder Line60 lbUp to 1200yds$28.99
OTI-2101-80DepthFinder Line80 lbUp to 1200yds$30.99
OTI-2101-120DepthFinder Line120 lbUp to 1200yds$34.99