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Panther Martin Deadly Six Pack & Pro Guide Anywhere 6

Panther Martin Deadly Six Pack: DSG6

These are the 6 best and most popular Panther Martins that we sell. They are sure to catch you more trout, bass, pike, perch, crappie, salmon, steelhead and walleye than ever before. Panther Martin spinners feature unique inline "Double Reverse" Concave, Convex blades that are mounted directly on the shaft so they always spin at a 40 degree angle to the shaft in a perfect balanced position, even for upstream cast.

Panther Martin Pro Guide Anywhere: AW6

Here is a new 6-pack specifically selected to catch fish anywhere in the U.S. in any season. Trout, bass, walleye, pike, perch, crappie...look out - this 6-pack is a killer! Includes 6 of our very most popular spinners, 2 dressed, 4 undressed, specially selected by professional anglers in different parts of the country who chose select lures to catch a variety of fish in a variety of regions at different times of the year.

Panther Martin Deadly Six Pack
Model No.SizeColorPrice
DSG62 & 4Assorted Colors$17.99
AW62 & 4Assorted Colors$17.99