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Rapala Lock'n Weight PGLW75

Rapala Lock'n Weight PGLW75
Item# PGLW75

Product Description

The Rapala ProGuide Lock'n Weigh makes landing, handling, weighing and releasing big fish a safe and easy operation. The cam-lock jaws are designed to use the fish's weight to securely hold the fish without causing injury. Weight is shown as you lift the fish clear of water. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel it will provide years of service. Wrist lanyard and no-slip handle keep the Lock'n Weigh secure.

Model: PGLW75 Weighs up to 75 lbs

  • High-grade cascade steel and no-slip handle withstand the rigors of the saltwater environment
  • Built-in scale
  • Wide gap cam-lock system handles thicker gamefish
  • 75 lb capacity model is accurate to within one increment measurement
  • Includes rust prevention oil