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Phenix Iron Feather Trout Rods

The Iron Feather is the flagship of Phenix's ultra light weight lineup. The blank of the Iron Feather is a blend of exclusively the most sophisticated Carbon Fiber and Graphite technology available today. Implemented carefully, we have created a high performance instrument that delivers an action that is exceptionally unique. The Iron feather boasts an extremely fast action that allows for a seamless transition from a soft and sensitive tip to solid powerful backbone. This distinctive action is can only be paired with a full set of Fuji Titanium Silicon Carbide guides. With this beautiful balance of all the finest components, the Iron Feather is able to offer the versatility unknown to any other ultra light rod on the market today. The Iron Feather is simply the ultimate weapon of choice for extreme ultra light enthusiasts that demand the best.

  • Phenix's Exclusive Net Titan Carbon Fiber / Graphite composition
  • Complemented with full Fuji Titanium SiC guides.
  • Super soft and sensitive tip allows for long castibility with light line
  • Powerful backbone
  • Custom Fuji IPSD reel seat with High Density EVA and one of a kind Burl Accents

  • Phenix Iron Feather Trout Rods
    Model No.LengthPiecesGuidesLine RatingActionPrice
    IF711-17' 11Fuji Titanium SiC1-7Ex-Fast$519
    IF771-17' 71Fuji Titanium SiC1-7Ex-Fast$539
    IF682-26' 82Fuji Titanium SiC1-9Ex-Fast$499
    IF722-27' 22Fuji Titanium SiC1-9Ex-Fast$539
    IF792-27' 92Fuji Titanium SiC1-9Ex-Fast$539
    IF862-28' 62Fuji Titanium SiC1-9Ex-Fast$539