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Shimano Sedona Spinning Combo

Sedona Front Drag/Scimitar Premount

Scimitar Rod Construction:
  • Sensitive Graphite Composite Rod Blank
Rod Components
  • Lightweight Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Graphite Reel Seat
  • Comfortable Cork Handles
  • Convenient Hook Keeper Sedona Front Drag Reel
A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
  • These specially treated stainless steel ball bearings are at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings
Cold Forged Aluminum Spool
  • Provides increased strength and durability
Dyna Balance
  • Similar to balancing a tire, we use counterbalancing techniques in the rotor to eliminate wobble during the retrieve
Floating Shaft
  • By using a bearing or bushing, friction is reduced between the pinion gear and spool shaft for increased smoothness and durability (SE 750FB only)
Fluidrive II
  • Uses the successes of Fluidrive, but also uses a polishing process to increase tooth contact for increased efficiency
Maintenance Port
  • A sealed plug that can be removed using a screwdriver to easily lubricate the drivetrain without disassembling the reel (SE 750FB only)
  • Ported Handle Shank Reduces the overall weight of the reel (SE 750FB only)
Power Roller II
  • An oversized line roller that reduces twist from casting and retrieving and is enhanced with a tapered area on the support to help line get onto the roller quicker
S-Arm Cam
  • A protruding surface on the bail arm keeps slack line in contact with the line roller to reduce the chance of tangles and line cuts (SE 750FB only)
S Concept
  • Represents Shimano's initial philosophy on which many of our spinning reels have been designed. The three basic ideas that are inherent in the S Concept are Smooth, Silent and Strong (SE 750FB only)
Slow Oscillation
  • Lays the line in a parallel pattern for excellent castability and control (SE 750FB only)
  • Super Stopper II
  • A one-way roller bearing that eliminates backplay for solid hooksets, yet can be turned on or off to allow back-reeling

Shimano Sedona Spinnng Combo
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